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The Value Of Piano Lessons & Musical Education

Sunday, 04 November 2012
The Value Of Piano Lessons & Musical Education

A highly gifted young pianist, after her New York debut was building a successful career in concertizing, lecturing and teaching. World War II brought this to an abrupt halt. When an invitation came to join an Agency in an undefined capacity, she stated that, frankly, she really did not know what help that she, as a musician, could be in such an organization. The Director, who knew her background said, “Then let me tell you what you would bring to this or any other business organization:"

  1. As a musician, you have a highly developed memory and a memory for details.
  2. You are fully adjusted to working in a room by yourself for long periods with complete concentration.
  3. You have learned how to analyze and to work out, in detail, problems connected with a piece of work.
  4. Few can surpass your mental and muscular co-ordination of eye, ear, mouth, hands and feet.
  5. You have learned how to organize your time to meet deadlines.

"These are all qualities so valuable that when adapted to any worthwhile purpose, put you years ahead of the average academic graduate.”

This, in reality is what you are giving your child when you give music training, in addition to awakening soul-satisfying beauty.

Education & Accreditation

I studied piano under Mary (Nan) Gorringe and theory under Keiko Parker. I am a member and past executive-member of the British Columbia Music Teachers Association (BCRMTA). I am currently the President for the BCRMTA and am actively coordinating our annual North Fraser Music Festival.

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Lesson Details

Lessons take place at my home studio. Depending on the needs, abilities and ambitions of each student, I choose from a variety of techniques and method books. When the time comes, and the student chooses to, I help prepare them for Royal Conservatory exams. However, taking these exams is not a requirement of my studio.

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